About Us

Gem and Dizzy met in the summer of 2011 on the magic known as Twitter. They instantly became friends and are now the best internet detective team around. You can hire them for a modest fee. They love Mass Effect, tacos, Batman, and socks. They both play ukulele and can guess your weight to the nearest hundred pounds.

Gem (aka Sara) loves crime dramas, lady dramas, man dramas, and drama llamas. She is good at the “arts” and “crafts” and has a lot of musical instruments. She loves herself a lot but is going to cry at the end of Mass Effect 3.

Follow her on Twitter @arch4ngel

Dizzy (aka Jordyn) loves Busta Rhymes, drunken times, vulgar signs, and signs of the times. She writes a lot of words, but who knows if they make much sense? She also loves herself a lot, but is going to cry if we run out of rum, or if Will2K comes on.

Follow her on Twitter @JordynNolz