Cheerleading Tryouts

With the announcement of Operation: BROADSIDE, the fact that it’s now been two weekends since the last op, and the very real fact that Gem & Dizzy only add up to two people… Jordyn and I have decided we need to trawl the dregs of the internet to pad out our Gold/Reapers killing team. Swarley and his good friend Glitter the Asari Adept can only do so much. Sure, we’ll have our friend Ritzy playing third fiddle to our Butch & Sundance, but she’s untrustworthy at the best of times. At the worst, she’s playing a vorcha with a flesh-colored leotard.

We don’t talk about the worst of Ritzy times.

So I’ve drawn up a little form for you to fill out if you’re interested in that most storied of academic pursuits: winning us all the right to open a Commendation Spider Pack. Answer the questions to the best of your ability. If you have questions, just shoot them my way on twitter and I will give you the run-around. Refer to turian dicks for extra credit.

And remember, kids: An Alliance-sponsored pack of spiders is the sweetest dissappointment you can ever hope to taste.

Download the Application Here.

The Team

(Full picture can be seen and downloaded for use as a wallpaper at my devArt.)

Sorry about the lack of updates on G&D lately, guys. Mass Effect 3 hit us both like a ton of bricks and left us emotionally and physically drained for a month. But fear not! We’re rallying and we have tons of stuff to post for you guys! So if you’d like to read some more things about that game series you like, stay tuned.

For now, have a picture the world’s most adorable squad, and rest secure in the knowledge that under all those nice, clean lines rests a sketch of Javik wearing a pink feather boa.


You might have noticed a distinct downturn in posting activity on this site. The blame for that can be placed solely on ME3’s new multiplayer feature. We’re on Xbox Live every other night anymore, giving Cerberus what-for and telling them exactly where they can put their Indoctrination Devices.

I usually play Asari Adept because I’m a sniper at heart. But last night @regeener, @tea_bird, and @SubitoAllegra convinced me to play on an all-Vanguard squad.

It. Was. Awesome.

Long story short, we started a Twitter hashtag, and I made us a t-shirt*:

I highly recommend playing on Team Vanguard. You hear an awful lot of screaming, and even more shouts of “MY GOD THAT’S A TURRET WHY DIDN’T WE BRING ANYONE WITH TECH POWERS.” Fun for the whole family!

* NOTE: T-shirt cannot be worn during cooldown.

I love my toaster.

Last night I got into a lively debate with my dear friend Laura over something or other related to the quarians and geth. It doesn’t matter exactly what. What does matter is that she refused to acknowledge that the geth counted as people, and in the face of such blatant organicism I took to twitter… where I promptly found out she wasn’t the only one.

Well I will not stand for this. They may not have beating hearts but the geth’s wires are abuzz with the currents of passion and somewhat rational thought. Or maybe just obscure math problems and illicit materials from the extranet, but my point stands: the geth have adorable little flashlights instead of faces. Don’t we owe it to ourselves just to love them?

Shhh, don’t fight it. Just let love lead the way and soon you’ll find yourself teaching the galaxy to sing and maybe even stopping the Reapers with the power of friendship.

At any rate, here’s a bumper sticker for the pro-Geth agenda. Feel free to promote this propaganda to the very ends of the internet.

Commander Gem Shepard

On this most auspicious Femshep Friday I’d like to introduce you to the Shepard we’ll be doing our Gem & Dizzy playthrough with: Commander Gem Shepard.

Commander Gem Shepard: Space, War Hero, General Layabout

When I first rolled my Femshep, she was aspirational. I was an 18-year-old with scraggly blonde hair toying with the idea of becoming a redhead. I also wanted the ability to use space magic, but as I would learn time and again throughout my college career: sometimes dreams just don’t come true. I made her a Vanguard with a ridiculous over-focus on SMGs and set off to learn how to play a shooter for the first time since Jedi Knight: Dark Forces 2.

I gave her quite possibly the least scarring background you can have: Space/War Hero. I feel a little bad about it now–I’ll bet she finds it hard relating to her rather more… experienced crew–but it’s really nice to play as a character who’s had a fairly baggage-free life.

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One thing you will learn here, and learn fast, is that we love James Vega. I’m not sure when it started, I’m not even quite sure why. I only know that one day, the switch flipped. The same thing happened to me with Carver Hawke in DA2. I think might just have a soft spot in my heart for bros. Idk I don’t really feel like self-analyzing right now.

James Vega helps Femshep with her makeup

So here is a picture of James Vega helping Femshep with her makeup, just like a good bro should. <3

Gem and Dizzy: The Blog of the Movie of the Video Game

Ladies and Gentlemen: Mass Effect 3 is exactly one month away.

This blog is the joint effort of two simple fangirls trying the make the world a more Mass Effect-ive place. For the past few years we’ve written, drawn, sang, danced, costumed, discussed, and generally created a massive amount of fanwork for this series. You could say we love it, if you were a fan of massive understatement.

When Jordyn and I met up at PAX 2011, we got a really crazy idea: what if we played the last game in this series… together. What if we didn’t have to suffer the kind of emotional trauma we’re likely to experience when one of the myriad terrible decisions we’ve made goes tits up and Garrus pays the ultimate price…alone?

Thus was borne the alliance of Gem & Dizzy. This site is going to house the terrible things we create when Jordyn flies out to the backwoods of nowhere to hole up in a room for 6 days and play through Mass Effect 3 with me. In the month we have left before the release of the game, we’ll post a few tastes of what you might see during that week.

For now, tentative plans include:

  • More songs like Calibrations and Bestest Bro
  • Art of a serious nature, as well as art of a decidedly less serious bent.
  • Blogs about all kinds of Shepard-related shenanigans.
  • The world’s first premiere Mass Effect-themed cooking show because gamers gotta eat. And you may as well be eating some Mass Effect-inspired tacos is what we’re saying.
  • Contests, should we find the time (we have lots of Mass Effect-related swag, and maybe even some prints for prizes)
  • Videos, dance parties, and other things as we think of them. If we can tangentially relate it back to our experience playing through Mass Effect 3, you can guarantee that we will.

So if that sounds like something you’d be interested in seeing/participating in, stick around. Bookmark us. If you think you might need some free internet therapy when BioWare kills your space hamster at the close of the second act, we’ve got you. Hello, Mass Effect fandom. We’re your grief counselors. We’ve come to hug and make beautiful fanworks together.