If You Have an E-Crime, Yo I’ll Solve It

So did you guys meet me? In the game? Eh? Eh?

C-Sec Officer Jordan Noles. You know I run E-Crimes and stuff. Pretty cool, I got a sweet graph and an omnitool, no big.

Anyway, I’ve decided that my boyfriend is that hot, pink-faced turian that wanders the Citadel, since Garrus is dating Shepard. If Garrus ISN’T dating your Shepard for some reason, I intend to woo him with my e-crime solving skills, just so you know. But for pink-faced Turian, Sara drew me some sexy arts.

2 thoughts on “If You Have an E-Crime, Yo I’ll Solve It

    • Dizzy, for sure. Officer Noles doesn’t have Spectre status and has to just drink subtly when on the job.

      Dizzy drinks 24/7, because fffffuuuuuuu….

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