Spoiler Policy

First off, we’re making this blog for ourselves. Until we’ve finished the game, we don’t want to know what happens. We’ve not read any “leaked scripts” or put any bugs in the Bioware headquarters–we’re waiting until March 6th to watch it unfold before our eyes. So please: if you comment, be courteous. Don’t spoil us.

That said, this is a blog about Mass Effect 3. If we make a post about something in the game, we’ll warn for it. You’re welcome to comment about that thing within the comments for that post. We’ll do our best to warn for type of spoiler (character, plot, etc) so that you don’t wind up learning things you don’t want to know, but we’re only human. The basic fact of the matter is that if you want to play the game entirely unspoiled, this blog is better left to read until you’re done.

We cool?