You might have noticed a distinct downturn in posting activity on this site. The blame for that can be placed solely on ME3’s new multiplayer feature. We’re on Xbox Live every other night anymore, giving Cerberus what-for and telling them exactly where they can put their Indoctrination Devices.

I usually play Asari Adept because I’m a sniper at heart. But last night @regeener, @tea_bird, and @SubitoAllegra convinced me to play on an all-Vanguard squad.

It. Was. Awesome.

Long story short, we started a Twitter hashtag, and I made us a t-shirt*:

I highly recommend playing on Team Vanguard. You hear an awful lot of screaming, and even more shouts of “MY GOD THAT’S A TURRET WHY DIDN’T WE BRING ANYONE WITH TECH POWERS.” Fun for the whole family!

* NOTE: T-shirt cannot be worn during cooldown.

11 thoughts on “#TeamVanguard

  1. Yes, please. Where can I buy this, I’ve scoured the intarwebs and I can’t find anywhere to get this shirt D:

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  3. This shirt needs to be made…I love the illustration and am a card carrying Team Vanguard member. That means that I play my Vanguard A TON and can be seen blasting around multiplayer maps often. Had an excellent game with two other Vanguards a few days ago…need to find that squad again. Used my XBox Live gamertag as my name…

    • I did a limited run of these for the original ladies of Team Vanguard–they’re just too expensive to make them in any kind of widely-available format. I’m considering possibly some stickers or buttons, though. If anything happens, it’ll be announced here and on my twitter account.

    • Sorry! We only printed a few and they’re just too expensive to do any kind of wide release with. I am looking at maybe making some stickers, though!

  4. Any chance you could post a hi-res version of the image used on the t-shirt? If you don’t mind, I’d like to get one printed for myself.

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